So a HUGE update before 2012 ends

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything here, and decided I’d put out a HUGE Update in one post, and will try to do weekly posts, as being S.A. Designz is ran by only me, it’s better this way to do it in one sitting unless it’s something huge, not to say this isn’t huge, first I’ve done some new builds and everything, and that is always exciting.

So as you can see I’ve added three new sky box hangouts one in gothic, and two in other. It can be used as the skybox, or stand alone on your SIM alone, just delete the items you don’t want. Now onto an even bigger update.

12/31/12 —-Before the end of the year rings in. I am proud to Announce that S.A. Designz is officially a year old now, and also added another spot in second life. It’s now located on the Bitchtail SIM as well. So now you have 3 places to check out. be sure to check them out, and visit the shops all the way around. Woot!! what a way to end 2012!!! Now to rock out in 2013,

S.A. Designz
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