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LadyShad0wz Greymoon

About me and my domains

LadyShad0wz Greymoon

I once had an about me page on another blog that I no longer have because I was hacked, and decided that I would only keep a small handful of blogs. One for my shop in second life, my gaming blog, and I believe that is it. So I decided that I was going to utilize my shops blog and start putting things about second life here instead of trying to make a new blog overall for my second life content. I do have another domain that I use for my art work, and my reviews on books that I’m currently reading, have read, and will read along with my thoughts about paranormal and mental health. That domain is Insanity Asylum. So now that I have given a little information on this site, my other, and etc. I will now talk about how I got my start in Second Life.

My Journey From VP Chat to Second Life

I can’t remember what exactly brought me into looking more and more into second life, but I do believe it was around the time I was still hanging out in another 2d chat world called Halsoft Chat or shortened to VP Chat. Which both now are no longer a thing, sad but that is what happens when times move on and money becomes an issue. I was looking for pictures to manipulate into avatars with our custom names, which around that time I was using the name of xXx_Shadowz-Vamp_xXx , or just XxX-Vampyr-XxX , yes the names were just like that. I had other names like -il-Immortal-soul-li-, etc. We thought it was cool back then. Same with those that used stuff like this “L33t” , I was a 20 something year old that lost my mind after my real life because chaos, and I only had that place to go too and I had friends that I looked forward to talking to each day/night. Only have dial up as my way of logging into stuff like this. Well at the end of this, enjoy the snip-it I found of that wonderful sound we all had to listen too when trying to get online. I always went into the same old chat room which was Sex Chat. It’s not what you think, it was just a name of the room that we all hung out in. I believe there was like 30 some odd rooms like Sex Chat 1,2,3, and etc. There were a ton of rooms for us to hang out in, but that was the one that I went too as a mug. As I was browsing the wayback machine, I now remember what brought me to Second Life. It was my search for a new set of Avatars, but yet the avatars I was looking for was something to manipulate into a new image with a new background, filters, and text. That was when I ran across the words “Second Life”, at the time I couldn’t get into it because back in 2003 when it first launched it required DSL but yet all I had was dial up (Listen to the lovely sound below NOT).



It wasn’t until around 2010 that I was falling out of a 2d chat, and wanted more, so I ventured into Second Life and made my first name which was DarkShad0wzVampyr Zessinthal which I still have that name to this day, she was created July 11,2008, and then I never went back to it. Instead about a year later I tried again, and forgot I already had a name so I made LadyShadowz Reanimator who was created on August 09, 2009. Again I forgot about that name, and then that was when I made LadyShad0wz Greymoon. Which has been my main avatar in Second Life since then. I made my name and my ex’s name LordDarkShad0wz Greymyst a day later when he completely told me he did not want to join another chat world, especially one that was like playing with a cartoon. So I just kept his name as a storage name, but now I do use it from time to time. All because it’s always handy to have a male alt in there, even though I have a lot more alt names now, but Lady Shad0wz is my main, and always will be.

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